What is salumi?

Salumi is traditional cured Italian-style sausage.
Made with pork, beef, lamb, and other meats, these sausages are typically made with a minimum of spices — salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, and other familiar herbs — and stored at cool temperatures for a few months or longer while natural fermentation transforms the raw meat into a delicious, safe product.
Various types of salumi include all of the familiar salamis, as well as prosciutto, pepperoni, coppa, pancetta, and dozens of others. Cured sausages also have a long history elsewhere in Europe, including France, Germany, and Spain, and these traditions also have an influence on the food trend in America.
Some Italian-American families have passed down recipes for many generations and in a few cities -- New York and San Francisco among them -- the "new" trend is actually spreading from a well-established base. These days, a new generation of chefs, butchers, and foodies has rediscovered the savory delight of salumi and are remaking old recipes — and establishing new ones — with all-American ingredients, from pasture-fed heritage hogs to organic garden spices.

Welcome to the fascinating world of American Salumi.

And introducing our new patron "saint," the Salumi Laughing Buddha.

salumi buddha